What having an autistic son has taught me

This post is from Catie, author of the blog Diary of an Imperfect Mum, which I discovered late last year.  Here she tells us what raising her autistic son has taught her.  Dear friend, As it is… View Post

Being autistic is not bad. I like myself

Today’s post for Autism Awareness Month comes from an inspirational young boy named Philip. I read an article by Philip, published on The Mighty, a few months back, and have been fascinated by his story… View Post

What I want my son to know when his meltdown is over

(A guest post written by Michelle Myers) To my beautiful boy, You look so peaceful curled up in your bed tonight little man, it’s like the events of the day have washed over you with… View Post

So what’s it like being autistic?

It’s a question I get asked once in a while. Sometimes it’s a silent question because people think it’s rude to ask, but even I can tell they’re curious. “So… what’s it like being autistic?”… View Post