Why birthday parties aren’t always fun

Birthday parties and autism can be a difficult mix. A party is a big change from a regular day and can lead to an overload of the senses. Suddenly there are all of these extra people,… View Post

Why it’s ok for my 8-year-old to still use a pram

I’ve been pushing Jude along in a pram for 8 years now. There’s nothing wrong with his legs, he can run, bounce and jump just as well as any other child his age. So when… View Post

When two brothers just can’t be together

Autism has thrown up many challenges over the last 8 years. Some of them much greater than what I ever thought I’d have to face when I became a dad. There’s been challenges with communication, diet,… View Post

Autism, Thula the cat, and why Kids Must Move

Over the last couple of years the story of a young autistic girl named Iris-Grace, with an incredible talent for painting, and an adorable close friendship with her pet cat, has swept across the internet and media… View Post

Why April is the hardest month

What is Autism Awareness Month like for someone who is autistic? Does it make a difference, or is the month a more difficult time for them? Here Maria, who is autistic, mum to two autistic… View Post