I’m not a perfect parent, but I try, really really hard

As parents we often wonder whether we’re doing a good job. I feel as parents to children with autism we can be even harder on ourselves, always wondering if we’re doing enough, even if someone… View Post

Dear Autism

When you’re a parent and autism enters your life, you go through a range of thoughts and emotions as you try to understand what it means to your child. Some emotions you hold onto for… View Post

How Pathological Demand Avoidance has changed the way I parent

A blog highly recommended to me last year, by other bloggers, was Steph’s Two Girls.  I rushed to check it out, and started to follow Steph’s stories, where she talks about family life raising two… View Post

What being head of an autistic girls school has taught me

Last year ITV ran a fabulous documentary called ‘Girls With Autism,’ about Limpsfield Grange School, the only state-run boarding school for autistic girls, in England. It was a fascinating insight into the school; and the… View Post

How an autism tattoo can make a difference

If you’re part of the autism community and you’re on Facebook there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Ink 4 Autism, the place where an autism tattoo is everything. If not, seriously, where have you… View Post