Podcast Episode 2 – Charlie Beswick

Welcome to another epsiode of the Stories About Autism podcast! This week I get to talk to Charlie Beswick who writes the blog Our Altered Life. Charlie is the mum to twin boys, Harry and… View Post

Stories About Autism Podcast – Episode 1 – Dean Devonport

Here it is, the first ever episode of the Stories About Autism podcast!! You can listen to it in the player below, or find it on iTunes, or Stitcher.  It’s a project I’ve been working hard… View Post

10 things autism parents worry about

When you’re the parent of a child with autism it can be difficult at times to prevent your mind from overthinking. When you get a moment of quiet, or a chance to slow down, you… View Post

Autism and Christmas: Why I find this time of year so hard

It’s the middle of December and the Christmas season is well and truly under way. Families all over the world have put their trees up, decorated the house, and are getting ready to celebrate. This… View Post

Sometimes as parents we mess up

Sometimes as parents we mess up. Despite everything we know, everything we’ve learned about raising our kids, we make a mistake. Last night I did just that… I was in the middle of eating my… View Post