Sometimes as parents we mess up

Sometimes as parents we mess up. Despite everything we know, everything we’ve learned about raising our kids, we make a mistake. Last night I did just that… I was in the middle of eating my… View Post

To medicate or not to medicate: The final chapter

Deciding whether to medicate your child or not isn’t something you ever expect to have to do as a parent. There’s no mention of it in the how-to books you read. It’s not a decision… View Post

In our house autism is…

Autism. This small word attempts to describe what life is like for millions of families across the world who share some similar behaviours and traits, but are also completely unique. Being blessed with two boys… View Post

There goes the summer!

August is nearly over, and so much has been happening I’ve not been able to update the blog very much. So, here’s a quick update of some of the major events that have been going… View Post

The BAPS Awards – And the winner is…

Two week ago, thanks to many of you lovely people, I got to attend the BAPS Blogging Awards, (Bloody Awesome Parents in case you were wondering) as a nominee for 3 awards. It was my first… View Post