Summer holidays aren’t what I thought they’d be

August is here, our week of summer club at school is over, and the the holidays have begun for real. Five more weeks of waking up every day and thinking ‘Oh my God, what are… View Post

Happy Birthday Jude

It’s Jude’s birthday! 8-years-old today. I know every parent in the world says it, but where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday Jude arrived into our lives, (7 weeks earlier than he… View Post

Autism, Thula the cat, and why Kids Must Move

Over the last couple of years the story of a young autistic girl named Iris-Grace, with an incredible talent for painting, and an adorable close friendship with her pet cat, has swept across the internet and media… View Post

I’m not a perfect parent, but I try, really really hard

As parents we often wonder whether we’re doing a good job. I feel as parents to children with autism we can be even harder on ourselves, always wondering if we’re doing enough, even if someone… View Post

Dear Autism

When you’re a parent and autism enters your life, you go through a range of thoughts and emotions as you try to understand what it means to your child. Some emotions you hold onto for… View Post