How Pathological Demand Avoidance has changed the way I parent

A blog highly recommended to me last year, by other bloggers, was Steph’s Two Girls.  I rushed to check it out, and started to follow Steph’s stories, where she talks about family life raising two… View Post

An apology to my autistic students

‘An apology to my autistic students,’ is from a blogger whose posts I always look forward to reading. Danielle, author of the blog Someone’s Mum, has been producing some amazing posts that have gone viral, and deservedly so.… View Post

The day my life as a parent changed forever

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A promise to my autistic daughter

I discovered an amazing Facebook page a couple of months ago, which was raising autism awareness through a documentary style photography approach. In this post it’s founder, Glenn Gameson-Burrows, talks about why he started the project,… View Post

They never told me ‘that’ at diagnosis

This post is written by Miriam Gwynne, aka FaithMummy. I discovered her blog a couple of months ago, where she writes beautiful, touching posts about raising, and being an advocate for her twin children, both… View Post