Autism Night Before Christmas

I discovered this poem last year and loved it so much I had to share it here. It’s written by Cindy Waeltermann, also a parent of two children on the spectrum, and the founder of… View Post

To medicate or not to medicate, that is the question

“Have you ever considered medication for Jude?” The voice inside my head was screaming to be heard “Medication, of course not. There’s no f**ing way that I’m giving my son medication and turn him into… View Post

Our Summer of Love Is Over

This summer went pretty well. In fact, it went amazingly well compared to what we were expecting. It was a summer of love, as Jude and Tommy found a way to get along. For six… View Post

Going to the dentist – It’s like pulling teeth

Hands up who looks forward to going to the dentist? I know I don’t. Trips to the dentist instil fear in most people, kids and adults alike. So far, in my experience,  autism and dentists… View Post

Back to school, for some not all

If you’ve been on Facebook this week you might have noticed that the kids have gone back to school! My feed is full of proud, tearful parents, posting photos of their little ones in their new… View Post