I never knew there’d be so many questions

I’ve got a confession to make. I thought being a parent was going to be easy. I never knew there’d be so many questions I’d have to find answers to, questions that seem to just… View Post

What I want my son to know when his meltdown is over

(A guest post written by Michelle Myers) To my beautiful boy, You look so peaceful curled up in your bed tonight little man, it’s like the events of the day have washed over you with… View Post

Christmas Time, Meltdowns and Wine……

So Christmas has come and gone in a flash. For most it’s been a time of fun, food, and presents. A chance to gather with friends and family, show them how much you love them,… View Post

To medicate or not to medicate, that is the question

“Have you ever considered medication for Jude?” The voice inside my head was screaming to be heard “Medication, of course not. There’s no f**ing way that I’m giving my son medication and turn him into… View Post

5 reasons why I never want this summer to end

Parents around the world are starting to celebrate. The summer holidays are drawing to a close. We’ve all made it through 5 whole weeks, and in 10 days time the kids will be back at… View Post