REVIEW: The Simba hybrid Mattress (AD)

If your house is anything like mine you’ll know that autism and a good night’s sleep don’t often go hand in hand. I’ve had so many sleepless nights over the last 10 years, largely thanks… View Post

Talking Autism – Book review

When autism first entered my life I read as much as I could about it. I google searched at all hours of the day, reading different articles and blogs, and also as many books as… View Post

To medicate or not to medicate: The final chapter

Deciding whether to medicate your child or not isn’t something you ever expect to have to do as a parent. There’s no mention of it in the how-to books you read. It’s not a decision… View Post

Autism Night Before Christmas

I discovered this poem last year and loved it so much I had to share it here. It’s written by Cindy Waeltermann, also a parent of two children on the spectrum, and the founder of… View Post

Sleep, sleep, my kingdom for some sleep

Sleep. I remember a time when I used to sleep. I remember a time where I’d be able to sleep 7-8 hours in a row, uninterrupted. I remember a time when I used to share… View Post