Just different, not less

Just different, not less

I’m kicking off my ‘Stories About Autism’ feature for Autism Awareness Month with a wonderful poem from Kelly, mum to Tink, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. Kelly was inspired to write this one day whilst standing in the pouring rain, waiting for Tink to get in the car. Tink was stood on the pavement, face turned to the sky, loving the feel of the rain on her face. It was at this point that Kelly realised just how different we all can be, and how that is just fine by her.

A Poem From the Heart

You turn your face up to the rain,

I only face the sun;

When I see dirt, and mud and mess,

You only see the fun.

You love to jump, and spin and bounce,

I crave the calm and still;

I see you leaping off the swing,

You only see the thrill.

You won’t eat mush, or veg or fruit,

I try not to get frustrated;

I taste “mmmm” and “aah” nad “ooh!”

You reject what I’ve created.

You sleep so peacefully with me,

But rarely on your own;

I toss and turn the whole night long,

But don’t want to sleep alone.

Life with you is beautiful,

Though it has its share of stress,

But for all the ways we’re not the same,

You’re just different, not less.

Kelly is mum to Tink (5) who was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder at the age of 3. You can read more of Kelly’s writing on her blog, It’s A Tink Thing, and can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram