Podcast Season 2 – Episode 1: My Boy Blue

Podcast Season 2 – Episode 1: My Boy Blue

The podcast is back!!

After a prolonged absence thanks to the summer holidays, and having my hands full with Tommy and Jude,  I’m back with season 2, and have some amazing guests lined up over the next few weeks.

Kicking off the new season, I’m joined by Nicole Duggan, mum to Riley who is autistic, and who runs the Facebook page My Boy Blue.

Earlier on this year I got talking to Nicole online, when she invited me to take part in an awareness and fundraising campaign she was putting together for Autism Awareness Week via Snapchat. It went incredibly well, raised thousands of euros for a local autism charity in Ireland, and we’ve remained friends ever since.

So it was great to get to talk to Nicole properly and find out more about her and Riley.

In this episode we talk about the early days, what prompted Nicole to take Riley to the doctor, the impact of his diagnosis, and what life has been like since.

We talk about what the diagnosis process is like, and the services (or lack of) that are available in Ireland right now. Then Nicole tells us all about Willow, their autism service dog, and the difference she is already making to their lives.

I loved getting to talk to Nicole, and I’m sure you’ll all love getting to know all about her and Riley. I hope you enjoy our interview, let me know what you think

You can follow Nicole on Facebook and Instagram, and also find out more about the charity we speak about My Canine Companion

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