Podcast Season 2 – Episode 2: Victoria Hatton

Podcast Season 2 – Episode 2: Victoria Hatton

I asked a question on my Instagram page a couple of months back about who you’d like me to speak to on the podcast. So many of you said you wanted to hear from teachers who work with our kids, and get their take on autism.

So when I was thinking about who to have on first, I immediately thought of this week’s guest, Victoria Hatton. Not only is Victoria an autism specialist teacher, but a few years ago her daughter was also diagnosed as autistic. Victoria shares with me so much valuable information, tips and ideas, looking at autism as both a teacher and a parent

I’ve been following Victoria’s blog Starlight and Stories for the last year, where she shares lots of helpful advice and strategies for parents to help their children, and we talk about some of them during an episode that I’m sure you will find very useful.

Some of the topics we talk about include

  • What inspired Victoria to become to be a teacher and specialise in working with autistic children
  • What life was like when her daughter received her diagnosis.
  • How to talk about autism with your children
  • Embracing your child’s special interests
  • How to ensure your child is getting the right support at school
  • What to do if school isn’t working

To find out more about Victoria, the work that she does, or the groups that she mentions, or to find her book visit Autism Consultancy International

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