Podcast Season 2, Episode 4: Spikey Mama

Podcast Season 2, Episode 4: Spikey Mama

This week I’m talking to Caro Greenwood, who is a mum of 4, wife of Rugby World Cup winner Will Greenwood, and runs the blog Spikey Mama

Caro’s daughter Matilda is autistic, but getting a diagnosis has been far from straightforward. Caro shares all what they went through, and how they saw numerous specialists and professionals over the years before finally a diagnosis was given

We talk all things autism, what autism means for their family, and in particular their experiences with school. They’ve struggled to find one that meets Matilda’s needs, especially as she has got older, and just when they thought they’d found the right place for her everything changed

Caro’s also very honest, sharing some of the mistakes she’s made over the years as a parent, and just how much she’s evolved in the process. Lots of fascinating insight that I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to.

You can follow Caro and her story over on Instagram at her page Spikey Mama

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